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As one of the leading concrete producers and suppliers in Manchester, we’ve designed and laid hundreds of patios and structures for buildings across the county. Many home and business owners are now turning to concrete when it comes to updating their building as not only does it look great but it’s also extremely maintainable.

With over 25 years within the industry, we’ve established ourselves as the ‘go-to’ and have maintained a highly respected reputation. We use the latest technology to design the perfect formula, creating only the highest quality material so it serves you for years to come.

Adding a poured patio allows you to add an interesting element to your garden where outdoor seating can be placed and also adds a pleasing contrast in texture. We’ve outlined some of the benefits of a patio for your Manchester home and why they’re becoming the latest trend in outdoor design.

The Benefits of Patios in Manchester

Quick Installation
Installing a patio is a quick and easy job, as you simply pour the concrete into the desired area and let it set. Laying paved or natural stone patios is much more labour intensive and requires more planning.

Budget Friendly

Due to the quick installation, you’ll find yourself saving money on labour carried out. Additionally, with a patio you have the option to stamp or engrave, allowing you to mimic much more expensive natural stones.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance for a concrete patio is extremely minimal, simply brush it free from any debris on the floor like leaves and dirt. For moss growing on it simply use a power hose to remove it from any cracks.

If you’re based in Manchester and are looking for high quality and durable concrete, then call Mark Bates & Sons on 0161 653 7252 for an instant quote. Alternatively, fill out our contact form and one of our friendly team members will be in touch ASAP.

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