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Ready Mix Concrete in Salford from Mark Bates & Sons Ltd

Here at Mark Bates & Sons Ltd, our experience makes us one of the North West’s leading Ready Mix concrete suppliers. We’ve been in the concrete business for over twenty years now, and have established a great reputation for both the quality of our materials and our service. Regardless of the type of industry you’re in, if you work with concrete then it’s worth getting in touch with us. Whether it’s different concrete products or Ready Mix concrete you need, or you’re looking for something more specialised, we’ve got the materials to cover you in Salford. 


Our precise mixture of Ready Mix Concrete is just one of the range of products we can provide for your project. Our Ready Mix Concrete can be supplied to Salford cleanly and quickly in our fleet of transportation vehicles. Salford can receive our ready-mixed formula from either of our plants in Middleton or Waterfoot.

Choosing Ready Mix Concrete for your project has many advantages, the biggest being the quality that it brings. Using poor quality concrete can result in structural issues throughout the building or application, which is both unsafe and causes long-term issues. With Ready Mix Concrete, you are guaranteed both consistency and quality, which creates sturdier, longer lasting structures. Additionally, Ready Mix Concrete is also very eco-friendly in comparison to traditional concrete. Here at Mark Bates & Sons Ltd, we mix our Ready Mix Concrete to order and use precise measurements to avoid waste pollution. It also doesn’t stop at the mixing process. During the transfer to you in Salford, we use secure, new, regularly checked vehicles that guarantee contamination-free concrete and less dust pollution. 


We like to think it’s our customer service; rather than just sell you whatever we’re trying to shift, we take the time to get to know you and your requirements, before recommending the best concrete we have for your line of work. Whether that be our ready mix concrete or something else entirely, we’ll explain the advantages of every option and ultimately still give you the choice – but we have our experts on hand should you need them.

Our reputation also speaks for itself in that respect. We’re extremely confident that anyone we’ve worked with before in Salford would recommend our services, so ask around – you’ll hear some great things. One of the main reasons for that is the quality of concrete we provide. Yes, we work to a same-day delivery deadline and yes, we place emphasis on our customer service. We also, however, ensure that our quality is maintained throughout, and will only ever provide you with concrete of the very highest order.


Get in touch with the Mark Bates & Sons team today to see how we could help you. If you’re based in Salford, we should be able to come out to you on the same day, provided you contact us early and let us know what you’re after. If you’ve got any questions about the best concrete for you, why not call us on 0161 653 7252 fire away and we’ll offer our impartial advice. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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